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The system components of BETOCRETE┬« C-Series were specifically formulated to support, facilitate and improve the crack sealing ability of concrete. During a comprehensive trial, concrete cubes were created using the C-Series products. Cracks were created in the cubes, which were placed into testing equipment and subjected to constant water pressure. All cubes made with the C-Series concrete displayed an automatic crack “self-healing” effect of cracks from 0.2 to 0.4 mm within a reasonable timeframe. In contrast, the cracks in the control cubes (which were created without any additives and subjected to the same testing) not display a reduction in water penetration rates or “self healing” effect of cracks.


  • Permanently active; will self heal future static cracks up to 400 microns
  • Improved final strength
  • Provides additional protection to reinforcement steel by reducing chloride ion diffusion
  • Can be used in high w/c ratio (up to 0.55) concretes
  • Liquids; no lumping, easily dispersed
  • Withstands high water pressures (up to 14 bars)
  • Compatible with most types of concrete admixtures
  • Eliminates need for surface waterproofing
  • Complies with EN 934-2
  • Self-healing of later occurring static cracks up to 0.4mm is possible


    BETOCRETE-C17 (BV) is a crystalline technology concrete admixture used to produce permanently active waterproof concrete in:

  • Water retaining structures; potable water tanks, sewage treatment plants, sewage tanks
  • Water excluding structures; retaining walls, tunnels, elevator pits, dams
  • Below grade structures; piles, foundations, basements
  • Mass concrete

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