Your ready-mix plant can effectively SAVE 28% CEMENT and precast plants can SAVE 35% CEMENT

The First 8% water reduction is obtained by using a lignosulphonate based admixture from Arrow Admixtures. Additional savings above 8% is obtained by using Arrow Admixtures PCE based products.

Concrete Admixtures

  • Cost Effective admixtures designed for the ready mix and precast industry.
  • Reduction in cement = Reduction in CO2 emissions = Saving the environment = Sustainability.
  • Arrow Concrete admixtures enables concrete mixtures with Improved Properties due to higher fly ash content.
  • Helping hand in solving problems with Hot Weather ready mix concrete delivery.

Arrow Concrete Admixtures was established in 2013 by the founders of Triple Drie cc

Our vast knowledge about cement manufacturing, ready-mix concrete, precast concrete and aggregate quarrying have all contributed to providing you with the highest quality custom admixtures.

Our company’s product range and services rest on 4 pillars

  • Innovation paves the road forward – Arrow admixtures aim is to provide innovative products to our clients that will empower your company to succeed in an ever competitive market.
  • Service delivery – Prompt and punctual delivery of our products , to provide our clients with the best knowledge available, tending to our clients’ individual needs.
  • Quality & Uniqueness – Arrow admixtures ensures that all products are trial tested before being distributed to our clients. We continuously test the performance and consistency of our products ensuring that you produce a consistent product.
  • Profitability of our clients – Profit is one of the most important fundamentals for any company to exist in a free market environment. We strive to increase our clients profitability with our products by building a mutually beneficial long term relationship with our clients.